First steps on Henderson Island, covered in waste

On Monday, February 12, 2024, the Plastic Odyssey vessel and the expedition crew arrived off the coast of Henderson Island. Circling the island from its southern side and taking advantage of favorable navigation conditions, the team of explorers was able to travel up the uninhabited island’s East coast to reach the two-kilometer beach, the world’s most polluted sanctuary, marking the beginning of The Impossible Cleanup mission.

Two days of navigation from Mangareva

After everyone gathered in Mangareva – the easternmost island of French Polynesia – to finalize expedition preparations and after the tropical depression “NAT” passed over our heads, the teams were able to calmly weigh anchor and set sail on Saturday, February 10. Heading towards the Pitcairn Archipelago islands, two days of navigation away, and specifically towards Henderson Island, designated as the place with “the highest density of plastic debris ever recorded in the world.”